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Queen of the Night

I am a traveler of the mind. I've walked many paths - from born again Christian to hard core atheist, with stops at nihilism, Buddhism, Wicca and Jungianism along the way.

I am an atheist. I thought I had found my stopping place, but it looks like life hasn't finished with me yet because around June of 2011 I was introduced (back) to Jungian psychology, including archetypal psychology. I'd explored them before but they never really made an impact, probably because I wasn't ready for them yet. But now I guess I am because all the signs were there that this is someplace I had to go. So my stopping place appears to have merely been my resting place.

I believe in the subconscious. It is a vast, deep metaphorical ocean which, like the literal ocean, both gives birth to great, destructive violence and yet is the source of life itself. And, also like the ocean, it's vastness dwarfs the conscious realms, which are subject to it's moods. In order to understand the storms, it is clear that we must explore the deeps.

I'm also a Persephone, with a Hecate subarchetype, which makes me able to both explore the depths and at the same time be rational, able to describe the explorations clearly. Of course, these are simply my own observations; some things apply only to Persephone' or Thinking/Intuitive types, some things are only partially formed concepts or opinions, some are only the beginnings of experiences. This blog is a work in progress. But if my work can in any way help you to explore your own unique wholeness I will feel like I've created a truly "sacred space."

Welcome to my place; a travel log of my journeys in the Underworld.

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