Links on Archetypes

Goddess Power: Detailed descriptions of the Archetypes, unfortunately only of the Goddesses. She has an amazing, detailed quiz to help you figure out your archetype as well.
Library of Halexandria: Descriptions of the Archetypes
Theoi Greek Mythology: Massive, detailed database of everything Greek mythology, including quotes from various Greek writings

Links on Jungian Psychology

Major Archetypes and the Process of Individuation: A short explanation of Jungian archetypes
The Jung Lexicon: Primer on Jungian terminology by Daryl Sharp, M.A.
Jules Cashford: Interpretations of fairy tales

Links on the Tarot

American Tarot Association: James Rioux's absolutely brilliant explorations of the tarot. Anyone who's at all interested in tarot should check him out
Tarot Teachings: Website on all things tarot
'Paranormality: Short interpretation of tarot cards

Links on Astrology

Cafe Astrology: A font of wisdom about astrology
Skyscript: More astrology information
Astrolabe: Free basic natal chart with descriptions of planets in signs
Astro Dienst: Various free charts (composite, synastry, etc.)
Judy Hall: Karmic astrology - you'll probably notice I have some books by her. The woman is a genius.

Other Links

Heal Past Lives: A self guided past life regression
Dream Great site with detailed information about dream analysis
The Real Meaning of Dreams: Another great resource for information about dreams.
Thelamepedia: Wikipedia for magic and gnosis (hidden truth). The section on the Tree of Life is detailed and informative.
The Gnosis Archive: All things Gnostic, from daily meditations to library
I-Ching Fortune: Hexagram interpretations
House of the Sun Alchemy Pages: A brief exploration of alchemy

Articles, etc.

The Way of the Dream by Fraser Boa (film series about dream interpretation with Marie-Louise von Franz)
On Depth Psychology: It’s Meaning and Magic by Bonnie Bright
C. G. Jung and the Alchemical Renewal by Stephen A. Hoeller
Interview with Marie-Louise von Franz by Hein Stufkens
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Anything by Jean Shinoda Bolen, C.G. Jung, James Hillman or Marie-Louise von Franz. Some specific books are:

Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives by Jean Shinoda Bolen
Gods In Everyman by Jean Shinoda Bolen
The Interpretation of Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Feminine in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Individuation in Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz
Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology by Marie-Louise von Franz
Man and His Symbols by Carl Gustav Jung
The Soul's Code: In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman
The Hades Moon: Pluto in Aspect to the Moon by Judy Hall

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