Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On feelng derrrrr

I've always been articulate. Words always came easily to me, and I could express myself verbally or, even more, in writing. It felt like water flowing from my brain to my hands and out to whatever I was writing with. But lately I've really been struggling with putting things into words - to the point where I'm remembering all the signs of Alzheimer's and becoming worried. But it just occurred to me - maybe this is a part of Hecate losing her place as the main archetype I relied on and Persephone becoming more dominant?

Persephone is often characterized by her difficulty with the world of the mind - while I still love science, I'm not as absorbed while listening to science podcasts... and I'm really struggling with reading about it. I'm also finding that I express myself more in metaphors while, at the same time, I'm really struggling to find exact vocabulary words. Goddess Power talks about this in her description of Persephone:
Musing and intuitive nature rather than intellectual mind - difficulty ‘explaining’ her reasoning as it is an intuitive perception.

Persephone type has difficulty discriminating and has difficulty putting her impressions into words.
At the same time, she's very comfortable in the spiritual realm:
Keen ability to cross over into other realms of psychic consciousness - very at home in the world beyond the physical senses

Strong connection to spirit - deep ambivalence toward outer world & her sense of being misunderstood & alienated from conventional society
When I first read this I felt this was completely different from who I was, but it's a pretty accurate description of who I am becoming. When I first started working with archetypes, not only was Persephone incredibly young (like 10 years old), she was completely silent. Almost non-existent! I didn't even recognize her as one of my archetypes until I took Goddess Power's quiz, let alone know she was my primary archetype! And now she's so powerful she's changing my personality... She's grown so much!

So maybe I'm not going senile! I'm just becoming more Persephone. Which is fine - if I had to choose between the personal growth I've gained, or the ability to express myself clearly and with ease, I'd definitely go for the former!

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