Sunday, December 18, 2011

Archetypes, astrology and Jung's functions (oh my!)

This is very much early days but I'm seeing a connection between Jung's four functions and the archetypes and astrology. I'm really an intuitive Persephone, but my whole life I've relied more on my Hecate thinking to get by. F is really an Aphrodite, which I would say is an extroverted feeling archetype. But his whole life he's survived by relying on his extroverted sensation Hephaestus. For both of us, as we deepen we've come to realize that we need to live out and integrate this other archetype that we didn't even realize was ours. We need to integrate the function that's associated with this new archetype, which feels like who we really are.

I've also been seeing parallels between this and astrology. For a while now I've suspected that perhaps your Ascendant, the sign that shows how you deal with new situations or people, is in your secondary archetype, the one that you adopt as a protective cover for your real archetype, the sign that's represented by the Sun, or your true nature. My Ascendant is in brainy, detached Aquarius, but my Sun is in emotional, intuitive Cancer! The same for F; his Ascendant is in Sagittarius, which he feels is his Dionysus fun loving wackiness. He has a lot of Earth, a lot of Virgo, in his chart too, in planets that affect how he takes action. But his Sun is in Libra, which is the sign of Aphrodite.

G too, I feel like his chart is pointing to a direction of growth; I'm not sure what his Ascendant is but his Sun is heavily influenced by Hadean Saturn/Capricorn and Scorpio/Pluto. He also has the same double Virgo that F does, which makes him even more Hadean. But his Sun is in Libra! And he definitely has issues with being unable to let out his exuberant Aries emotions, which are squashed between pessimistic Capricorn, practical, worry-wart Virgo and apocalyptic, emotionally overwrought Scorpio. I would read this as his emotional Poseidon side which needs to be developed, and it certainly seems to indicate that his path of integration is from his introverted sensation to his introverted feeling. Perhaps your dominant function is your Ascendant, but, in order to grow, you have to learn to express your Sun nature, or your auxiliary function. I don't know. Like I said, it's early days, but there does seem to be a thread running through the three different systems.

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