Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Persephone and Artemis tasks

I want to get together the tasks for both goddesses (from Goddess Power's excellent site). Some of this is a repeat but I'd like it all in one place.

For Persephone:

  • Persephone’s task is to return to the Mother--return to the mature goddess who now knows separation, sexuality and death. In fact, the two goddesses are one - in fact, they are three: the maiden, the Mother and the wise Crone. The cycle of life and death need to be embraced - dualities such as light and dark. When Persephone woman attempts to blot out/deny the awareness of her dark side: anger, rage--she remains the uncompleted maiden. The mature Persephone who has returned from her underworld journey has seen all; she unites birth and death within herself. She has become the wise woman, cheerful, however also having accessed her repressed rage, still retaining her youthfulness as an elder, mature woman.
  • uniting the dark and the light sides of the goddess within herself - by increasingly embracing the long-suffering victim/martyr into her conscious awareness. Addressing her issue regarding power. Willingness to look into the face of this suffering and understanding her relation to it--not from a place of blame, rather, empowerment. Recognizing that such a strong attachment to the Light castes a very dark shadow.
  • Persephone must renounce her maiden self (the lovely, nice, gentle persona with it’s lofty ideals and attachment to ‘innocence’, and to renounce her helplessness)- allowing it’s death - as she descends to meet with Hades - and, eventually, emerging as the Woman-- in recognition of her power that she, now, accepts - no longer projecting this power onto others.
Pesephone's work was unimportant until she entered the underworld and became Queen -- whereupon she became possessive, creative, spiritual, psychic, artistic, unorthodox, deeply personal.  Only when she lacked someone to do things for her or someone to blame could she grow.

For Artemis:

Challenges facing Artemis
  • She tends to avoid her vulnerability in relation to others--hiding her emotional needs, even to herself.
  • Artemis tends toward emotional distancing--difficulty trusting relationship.
  • Growth for Artemis type woman is in developing her less conscious, human relationship side of herself.
  • Artemis type needs rewarding and challenging goals toward which to strive, if Artemis is unable to find fulfilling self-expression in her life she will feel increasingly frustrated and depressed.
Artemis’ dark side: Primitive power of her bloodlust, ‘righteous rage’ - Artemis woman’s task is to confront her ‘inner wild boar’ - while sacrificing her ‘righteous and avenging’ goddess. She does this by humbly accepting her own flaws and mistakes as a human woman, compassionate with herself, first, then she may hold compassion towards others.

Artemis’ wound: Self-esteem issues involving intimate relationship resulting from early isolation from other girls and, later, sense of rejection/exclusion by boys.

Artemis’ gifts: Ability to focus, set goals and reach them; autonomy/independence, ability to develop meaningful connection with other women.

Artemis needs to develop compassion and empathy.

Future blog entries will be about various tasks as I explore them.

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