Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The queen of the night's To Do List

So... I've gotten rid of everything - and I mean everything - in my vast collection of spiritual paraphanalia and now I need to rebuild it. Where to begin, where to begin...

First thing are some figurines and an altar and offering bowl. My main goddess Persephone; Artemis, my daylight self (even though she's of the moon) and what my conscious mind wants to be like. Hermes, my male principle. And maybe Hephastus, the god I'm most attracted by (and who, I suspect, I most need to develop in myself.) Some tarot cards. An I-Ching. And this journal. These are the basics of the telegram system I'm setting up to reopen the lines of communication with the denizens of the deep.

... There are four figurines - four gods for the four elements. Earth, air, fire and water. So... Do I go with male/female? In that case Hermes would be Air (the mind) and Hephastus Fire (the forge). Artemis Water (the moon) and Persephone earth (the Underworld). Which is actually so perfect it almost seems as if it was planned this way! I can find images online and put them under tiny bowls containing representatives of each element: water and earth are simple (water and salt), fire can be hot pepper and air can be... air?

Now to find a place for the altar in a tiny studio apartment with two cats who love to get into everything...

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